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Concerts, Education, Corporate Training, We love personal contact with real people. Call us with your ideas and needs. We're here to help you do the VIDEO that is right for you. Big or small. 

We have 30 years of dedicated Video Production experience in Hollywood  with a flair for the creative. 

Some of our recent work:   

multi camera shows, with editing, compression and net streaming.

Jo Jo & Sisanie interview Taylor Swift 

         Taylor-Swift JoJo and Sisanie interview at Jing...       

Jo Jo & Jesse interview Ellie Goulding 

         Ellie Goulding, Jo Jo & Jessie interview KIISFM...       

Jo Jo & Jesse interview Alicia Keys 

         Alicia Keys interview with Jo Jo & Jesse Jingle...       

Jo Jo, Jesse & Sisanie interview Afrojack-Shermanology 

         Afrojack-Shermanology, Jo Jo, Jesse & Sisanie i...       

Jo Jo & Sisanie interview Flo-Rida 

Flo-Rida Jo Jo & Sisanie interview KIISFM Jingl... 

Jo Jo Wright interviews Psy 

         Psy, Jo Jo Wright interviews Psy at KIISFM Jing...       

Blair Underwood stars in an "Ancestry dot com" commercial.

         Blair Underwood stars in an Ancestry dot com co...       

"She's Gotta Ride" Music Video.                    

"Caiste"  A candid camera prank show pilot in Spanish.               

         Caiste Comedy Prank TV Show - Market       

We did directing, camera and editing for this trailer.

"Doggytown"           Gosch Productions


We did the writing, directing, camera and editing on this children's series. A favorite of 2 to 5 year olds. Don't take my word for it, let your little children be the judges. 26 minutes of good fun. 

"Kitty’s Castle"  (1983)

Our first pilot. Made on a repossessed 1 tube industrial camera and starring Fergie

         Kitty's Castle Starring FERGIE       

Our very first pilot, 1983. 

Kitty has inherited a castle from her Aunt Hexabar and she makes it available with the help of Charles, the butler, despite the constant objections of her nouveau-riche father. Starring Fergie as Kitty and Jeremy Gosch as Jeremy

Children Affected By Aids Foundation          Jamie Lee Curtis/CAAF

         Jamie Lee Curtis - Dream Halloween       

We did directing, camera and editing.

""Blair Underwood/Intrepid, Inc.

         Blair Underwood stars in an Ancestry dot com co...       


Jamie Lee CurtisChildren’s Hospital Affected by Aids Foundation

We did directing, camera and editing.


Eagle Eyes - Moen/Gold Productions 

Directing, camera and editing.

The Bosley Process

Directing, camera and editing.


A Touch of Bejing - Jackie Chan - Richard Adamson Productions

Wango Tango 1998 to 2014 KIIS-FM, L. A.

Tesla Motors - Interview with Elon Musk

         Tesla 4 3 ver       

Jingle Ball 200-2014 KIIS-FM, L. A.

Pageant of the Masters 

KZLA Class of 2006Emmis Broadcasting

         KZLA Country Music Radio Station       

Coming Soon:

"Granny Goodie"

Little Dream Factory    

Our pilot presentation

North Bay BMW North Bay BMW

Century Health Care Century Health Care

Its a Wrap 

Diabetes, True Stories American Diabetes Assoc. 

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